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Movie review ” Colette”

I love intelligent movies. But I am also weary of miserably realistic movies. I only want to be comforted by some positive vibes especially winter. I am glad that I stumbled upon the movie ” Colette ” from Netflix.

I found the movie very inspirational especially as a woman and a wanna-be-artist”. Colette was a young, innocent, strong country girl who fell in love with a well know author called Willy incidentally. Willy was 14 years senior and notorious of gambling, having an extravagant living and being promiscuous. He was also a talented artist who maintained his fame by employing various ghost writers who earned living by writing for him. Usually, he gave rough idea and plots to his ghost writers and got the benefit out of them. None the less, his lifestyle always exceeded his sporadic flux of various incomes.

It was surprising for Parisian community when Willy decided to marry a country girl. Colette was frowned upon by socialites for her choice of dresses in the beginning and her upfront personality. She detested people flirting with each other and people who take pride on adultery . Out of pleasing her husband, Colette tried to write short stories which were rejected instantly by Willy. Willy thought her stories were too honest to be liked by anyone.

When Willy’s financial problems became critical, bank people came and took their furniture to pay for his debt. Then only, they rediscovered her old writing and Willy decided to edit them for publishing. Eventually, her stories became wildly popular although the books were under the name of her husband. Willy also emotionally abused her and even locked her inside the room , forcing Colette to write more.

I really love the character of Colette. She was genuinely in love with her husband mostly because he was charming and very intelligent. At the same time, Colette was smart enough to her role and also beware of the mindset of her husband whose life was full of lies. Her mother persistently reminded her that Colette had a strong personality and nobody should be able to change her.

During the mist of financial crisis alternating with fame , they were invited by rich people and the wife of millionaire had an affair with Colette. At same time, Willy tried to muddle the situation and slept with the same woman. It became more interesting when Colette eventually fell In love with another woman who dressed like a man. She found someone who truly loved her unconditionally . The movie shows metamorphosis of Colette from an innocent teenager to a mature artist with confidence . It also gave us a glimpse of life style of cream layered people and artists in 1800s as the story is based on real life of Colette. The real actress Colette was also a very beautiful woman. Please watch the movie if you want to uplift yourself. It will not disappoint you.



my depression during winter

Its winter here in Europe. I woke up to see mist and fog hovering around. When I finish work at 5 pm, most places are pitch dark. I drive back home feeling so blue.

I lived in Asia and did not realise how much sunshine means to me. Bless to all of you who are living in sunny country.



PS I don’t even bother to put photo here. I am that depressed.

Little joys he brought to my life

I always think of writing dating stories, because these are very interesting and I love ” falling in love”. In fact, I focused too much on falling in love rather than maintaining that love.  I know how Burmese hate cheesy stories, they will laugh when someone above thirty  says ” I am in love” . They might laugh you behind as if you were feisty.

In fact, my favorite people in the world are people who encourage others to be in love. So this is the story to encourage people like me who have absolute faith in power of love.

I came to an island in Europe last year to work as a middle grade doctor. It was hard especially because of weather. I came in the winter time, and I was devastated to be in  a place which is always wet, gloomy and cold. I only lived in South East Asia with temperature above 25C before.  When I arrived, the weather was not really bad in late September, so I walked near my work place . I was also thinking may be I need friends to make my mood elevated. Unfortunately, most junior doctors at hospital  want to drink till late night during weekends and I cannot go along with them as I need sleep most of the time.

Then I thought of opening my dating profile and decided to date again after three years without dating with anybody. ( well, I was quite surprised that I was asked out by a few guys from London instantly, and in Asia, I was not that popular though ). When he asked me out whether we can go out for a cup of tea, I agreed it instantly. It was mainly because I was lonely and miserable. It was only two weeks after I arrived in Isle of Man. I was pretty nervous and really wrecked my brain what to wear. But when I saw him for the first time, I was surprised, he was wearing very casual clothes .He behaved like he dint’ pay attention to me. He walked so fast , in front of me and made me so breathless, he didn’t even open the car door and restaurant door. And I was too nervous and I couldn’t concentrate much on his conversation. Mind you, I was not used to his accent in the beginning. We talked for about 1. 5 hours and he drove me back.  When he didn’t call me again , I thought may be he is not that into me. We dated TEN DATES without touching each other. It was really a mile stone in my life. Finally, I consoled myself may be he just wants to comfort me as he is a nice person. He spent for me and took me to nice restaurants. I was not even earning anything as I didn’t have bank account. So he treated me most of the time.

I asked my European friend ” do guys from island invite girls just for friendship?” and she said ” no, Hnin, unless they really like you”. That day, he followed me into my house, suddenly, he held my hand and put it on his beard. Sincerely, I had never touched any guy with beard as my dad and brother don’t have beard and I had never dated any man with beard before. Instantly, I felt connection to him since that moment. We looked into each other eyes and I didn’t know how to behave. So I put my face into his chest and tried to calm myself down as I was shy and nervous. He patted my back so tenderly and kissed my forehead. Later, he told me he respect Asian culture and he himself felt shy to touch me or to tell me his feelings. But he decided he had to make a fast move otherwise he would never have guts to tell his feelings. He also thought a lot what would he do if I decide to go back. He noticed me as someone who is quite impulsive and might suddenly leave the place. In the end,  he said ” can I date you as a girlfriend? I will date you as long as you wana date me even if it is six months”. He melt my heart and I felt his feelings so deeply.

He sends me simple , but meaningful messages everyday. These messages give me encouragement to go on with life in my new place. There are times I thought he might get fed up with my whining, but he was not, he was patient and said he would look forward to see Happy Hnin when my mood was terrible. And he told me that I can be completely myself with him and that’s what I am most of the time. Sometimes, I told him how much I miss Malaysia and how I cried when someone made me upset at work. There are the moments my heart beat so fast when I saw him standing at my door step after his work just to give me some moral support and some cuddle.  I told him there are plenty of pretty girls in Isle of Man who are even younger and why did he chose me. He said ” Hnin , you made me impressed with your smile, I fell in love with you because of your smile and whenever you smile genuinely, you make me fall in love with you all over again”. He said he became a better person because of me, he went through tough times with relationship breakup and became cynical, but he said I am too innocent and accept everybody as if they are. He said he has never trusted anybody like that and he trusts me completely. inspirational-love-quotes-sayings-13

When I shivers in the wind, he makes sure he grips my hands tightly so that I can get warmth from him . If he sees me without any warm clothes, he drags me to nearby store to buy some gloves or warm attire. Weather is terrible, but he drove me everywhere on the island including beaches where we could watch wild life like otters and birds. We sat side by side, watching mountains and trees. He can read my face like a book and instantly knows whether I am happy or sad. One day he told me I can cry as much as I want and if I cry, he will just hold me and cuddle me.He will not tell me to stop crying.

We have watched movies together, went to the best restaurants on the island and watched the sun rise together. Yesterday, he held me so tenderly and asked me ” can I live with your forever, I wish we can be together forever” and I said ” yes”.

That does not mean we are going to marry. But I want to spend the rest of my life with him. We are just so happy together right now.



Dining experience in Isle of Man ( Part I )


Isle of Man does not have many varieties of food like in London. But I need to explore more to know in detail. Definitely, Oriental food like sushi is not so popular in Isle of Man and so far, I have seen only one shop in Douglas ( capital of Isle of Man ).

On  19th November 2017, me and my friend decided to hunt for Chinese food, She wanted to go to a shop near her house, but unfortunately the shop was closed . ( the shop she wanted to go was called Imperial Dragon, the Chinese food at Imperial Dragon is ok, but it is not fantastic to my taste. There is another Chinese food shop near Electric train station called China Town which I think is horrible, the food was too sweet and too bland  ) We were driving around the town and suddenly we thought of going for sushi, but again, the shop was closed at 5 pm and luckily, we ran into a shop with Chinese decoration near the corner around Tesco.

I told my friend that I am too hungry to find more shops and we should go in. The shop was dim lighted and carpeted the whole area. Surprisingly, although it looked small from outside, it was very spacious with many levels inside. I admire all the decoration inside especially the whole maps and intricate drawings of wall paper. There are rivers, sea, boats and people pictures on the wall. They displayed many statues which are glittering gold and silver and several Chinese writings hanging here and there.


all the lanterns and chairs were made in China


As there was no customer, I doubted whether I made a good choice. Usually, my dad would say “ never eat at any restaurants with very few customers”. However, my thought was interrupted by the cheerful voice from a lady in her late 20s or early 30s coming towards us with a broad smile. She was carrying two menus and she greeted my friend “ are you not working today?”. We found out the owner of the shop has known my friend for two years. The owner Mrs Yang is extremely friendly and eager to give us advice what to eat.

The shop owner Mrs Yang

I ordered platter with sea weed, pork rib, chicken satay and dampling. For the main dish, I ordered roast duck and my friend ordered sizzling sea basss.

sizzling sea bass is yummy, spicy and hot



menus with reasonable prices, there are lots of dishes you can choose


While we were waiting for our food to arrive, we inquired Mrs Yang, who is the designer of the restaurant? She answered “ it was me”, I said “ wow”. I was quite impressed. The whole area gives me feeling of Zen like relaxation although colors are complex. The restaurant is extremely tidy and scented. Mrs Yang said she diligently chose each and every item of decorations at China and brought back everything by ship to Isle of Man.


lovely wall mirrors from China

She was working for airline and decided to start her own business. She recruited all Chinese chefs from Uk. She said  “ nowadays, it’s difficult to recruit Chinese chef as they can earn very well in China as well”.

Contrary to my first impression, her place has been always fully booked except on Sunday. Sunday is usually less people.

I am a good addict and you should know by now if I recommend a Chinese restaurant anywhere, it must be as good as authentic Chinese food anywhere in China. The chef of Mrs Yang didn’t let us down. We enjoyed all our platters, sizzling fish and duck.

We especially like sizzling sea bass as it is fresh, very delicate and spicy. The fish melt in our mouth . Even Satay is really delicious and so are pork ribs.

Here are more photos of menus.




If you want to make reservation for MRs Yang, here is the address and phone number

Mrs Yang Restaurant

Clinch’s Court, Bank Hill, North Quay, Douglas

IM1 4QF, Tel- 01624-886886.


For European food, I would recommend Tandroagan Seafood restaurant. There website is

The address is 9 Ridgeway St . Douglas, Isle of Man. IM1 1EW

Telephone number is 01624 612355, Email is

I have been there only once,. The place is packed and it is a small shop. But the shop has been in Isle of Man for more than a decade. The fish and crabs are very fresh and delicious there. Some more, the price is reasonable.

IF you want to enjoy English tea in classic style, I would recommend tea junction in Douglas town center. You have to book for the place as tables are fully booked especially at tea time.

Here is the link.

The address is

14 Castle Street,

To make a reservation, you can  call  on 01624 616578 or email  at

There are so much variety of tea and they give the timer to adjust the strength of the tea. I really like almost all flavor of tea. For me, the food is just ordinary, but tea is amazing. And the shop is lovely and the staff are very friendly. Here are photos of tea junction shop.

a book and a cup of tea is my savior.


very friendly staff and well organized counter


lots of regular customers inside the shop

I hope I can come back and write another blog about dining experience. There are many more shops to explore.

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Isle of Man part 1

Past two weeks has been overwhelming with preparation, traveling and coping with new environment.

For readers who don’t follow me before, I migrated to Malaysia from Burma in 2004 and decided to come back to Myanmar in 2016. It was really a painful decision as I really like Malaysia and already have many friends there. I settled in a cozy house which is owned by a lovely extended family and they looked after me like a real family member. The house I rented was only 15 minutes walk from a beautiful warm beach with a forest nearby. I had everything I need there. However, I had to move back as a hospital owner offered me a job in Myanmar where I bought a new flat. The move had lots of tears and regrets as I didn’t enjoy working back in Burma at all because of very unfavorable working environment and a totally different system. I was misunderstood by a lot of local doctors for doing different things.  So I applied for a job in UK and I got a job in Isle of Man. I had never thought that I would need to move to another place after only a year of a major move.  Moving from one place to another place is exhausting even in the same country, you can imagine moving from one continent to another continent.

I have mixed feeling of excitement about the new place and anxiety to face difficulties. I was born in a tropical country, Burma and lived in the same place for twenty nine years. I moved out to my second home in Kuantan , Malaysia at the age of 29 and learned new language and new working environment. It was love at first sight with Malaysia.I always told my junior colleagues that I only had 500 USD in my pocket when I migrated. I was naive, never been to any other countries and decided to leave my country with a luggage and a good attitude. Without my uncle’s help, it might had been a nightmare to start a new life with very little money in hand. But I was well accepted by warm Malaysian people and integrated into their culture easily. I can still say the quote that ” there is no place like Malaysia”. I left Malaysia as I know there are more local doctors every year and we would have less job market in the future as expats. And it was really difficult to leave after 12 years as I love beaches and wild life in Kuantan.

Anyhow I found a place in England which might suit my taste for nature. So, I finally am ready to work at an island owned by Queen Elizabeth. My cousin booked for me business class flight to fly from London to Isle of Man . But when I got on the plane, I realized the plane was a small one and managed by only one flight attendant. There was not even overhead luggage space. So, I shoved my hand carry under my seat and after less than one hour, the plane landed at airport. It was also a small airport and no security check. Mind you, the island is one of the safest place in the world.  You can walk on the street at night and nobody would bother you. At airport, people were a bit curious as I was the only Asian among arrival. I asked an airport staff where the taxi stand was. He said there was only one gate and I needed to get out and stand at exit / entrance to wait the taxis which usually pass by. Luckily,  my friend came and pick me up. I was smitten by the calmness of island. The weather is wet, windy and cloudy. There are lots of mountains.

The next day, the weather was clear with blue sky. I observed mountains where the sheep graze. I walked near the bushes with the aim of picking up berries. Suddenly the bushes shook violently and big rabbits jumped out of bushes. I was in awe.

hnin 25

hnin 26

Then when I was eating at a cafe, I heard the noises of big sea gulls. Although I am fond of them, I have a feeling that they can easily snatch food from your hands.

It was 12 C even in late summer. Last weekend, I braced myself to walk at the beach and observed some plants tangling at the beach. The water was icy cool and could not imagine to swim.

hnin 23


hnin 15

hnin 14

hnin 4

hnin 3

There was a tram carried by a horse at the seaside and the horses not allowed to work in other seasons apart from summer. The health of horses are well looked after and when they get sick, the tram business close down until they become well.

hnin 8

hnin 5

hnin 19


hnin 11

hnin 22

I have not been in other parts of islands where Vikings lived ten thousand years ago. Some legend said the island is linked to dragons. And I keep on imagining these legends in my mind.

Two days ago, I walked across the quiet roads and I felt very strong feeling of connection to the trees. I could sense they talk to each other ” look, there is a new person in this island. Lets greet her”. I also felt they were sharing information to each other. I had the strong sense of being watched and I could feel I am so liked by them and suddenly I became quite flirtatious. My my. I know I am crazy. So, I literally stopped walking, looked up at the trees and said aloud ” thank you for liking me”. No wonder Alice in Wonder Land might have felt the same thing

This morning, I was rushing and saw an elderly lady standing outside the building. I smiled at her and asked her whether she was alright. The weather was cool and it was drizzling. She smiled and said ” oh, I am enjoying. After a few days, fall is coming and we won’t be able to stand outside like that”. She continued ” I was born in island and still like this place after sixty years. Some people like it but they also hate the island for being too remote. It seems there is no mid way. But when I go to London, I cannot see beautiful stars and sky like here”.

Although I was in rush, I stood still beside her and enjoyed her definition of good weather, shivering. I looked up and saw the trees were shaking off leaves.  At least, I am glad some people feel the same like me.

I will write more about island. Thanks for reading.


My conversation with the London taxi driver

I think London is a place where you can see many friendly taxi drivers who are driving nice cars. They also try to talk to you during your trip as they are curious to know about other people.


I am a budget traveller and usually, I avoid private transport to save money except I need to carry lots of luggages. This morning, I am supposed to fly somewhere from London and I have two luggages with me, each nearly 30 kg.

So, my cousin arranged a taxi in advance. He arrived in time, but not so happy when he saw three luggages. I asked him whether he can give me receipt so that I can claim back. He said he has no idea about that. So, I called his office and he refused to talk to office as he was driving. It was a reasonable excuse but I could see he was upset for me having three luggages. I talked to my friend and she assured me that information about luggage was given to the office. The driver insisted that the office did not convey the message. Anyway, the small luggage was with me in the car and there was not a big issue.

To break the ice, I just said I am sorry and will keep in mind about number of luggage so that I can aware I need a bigger car with more than two luggage. He suddenly realized he was behaving not so nice and said ” its ok”.


May be I can guess people. He doe not sound like a bad person, he just seem disturbed. His thick accent gives me the fact that he is from Middle East. I was afraid he would ask me origin. So, I just said I am from Asia and not familiar with rules of taxi in London. He quickly replied with happier tone that  “Oh, you are from Asia? I am also from Asia and I am from Iraq”. I was bewildered and asked back ” are you sure? I thought its from Middle East”. He then said ” Middle East but it also near to Asia”. So, I told him about my previous boss who is a very gentle physician. We used to think Males in Middle East dorminate Females unless you have seen my ex boss. He is such a darling and totally under the spell of his wife. He even told me he wants to buy Burmese Ruby for his wife. I complimented that Iraq is such a rich and beautiful country. A few years ago, I had met some Iraq cardiologists and they showed me pictures of Iraq which are green, mountainous and beautiful.


After my compliment about his country, his expression changed. He became melancholic and wailed that ” but you know our oil has been stolen all the time”. He then asked me ” do you know who are Daesh?”. I said ” you mean ISIS?”. He nodded and asked me ” do you know who created them?” He answered his question himself and said ” its created by Americans and Israel”. After a pause, I told him ” but the ISIS fighters are not American nor Israel”.He said ” oh yes, but they are controlled by Americans who follow Israel. You know people are stupid sometimes whatever religion are and these people join ISIS. Israel has to do unstable environment near his country so that Arab will not bother fighting for Palestine. But you know we are not giving up. Do you know what happened to Palestine right?'”

I told him I know a bit about Palestine struggle and how their land is confesticated by Israel. I assured him a lot of people now know that Palestinians are suffering. I told him some Jews do not like what Israel is doing to Palestine. He said.” oh. I know . Not all Israeli agree with their government. but remember the biggest terrorists in the world are Americans and so are the Saudi Arabia. Do you know why US and Saudi flocked together. Its because both are terrorists. Big terrorists”.

Suddenly I kind of agree with him and we both started to laugh . He said how Bush has planned to get into Iraq by planning on 9/11 . Previously, his plan to invade Iraq was not agreeded until the twin tower event.


He said ” do you think US care about Sadam Hussein and Iraq people? no. they don’t. They only care about oil and for that, they destroyed our country. We all know that. But our government cannot do anything now. I know Sadam Hussein is a prick. But he would never involve in terrorism.He was just a foolish dictator”.


My driver told me he came to London 20 years ago. Before that, he was a wealthy successful business man in Iraq. His extended family remain in Iraq. I told him that one day, I wana visit Iraq. He assured me there is not even a gunshot in common areas and I am safe to go there. I can  hear his pride in his motherland and willingness to invite foreigners to Iraq. At the end of journey, he was wishing me well for my flight and smiling.


I thanked him for the lovely ride and he helped me with my luggage. I should have asked his name . I hope that one day, his pain about his country will be healed and so will be mine.

I just wish because’right now, I am still feeling the pain.