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The racism

Yesterday, one lady was talking to mom that she was disappointed with the way Indian filmed about Buddha. She complained the actor who was acting as Buddha was not gracious enough. She said ” our Buddha is the most handsome one”.

Then I intervened ” well, Buddha was an Indian and let Indian film his biography”. In my mind, I added following conversation ‘” just don’t watch it if you don’t like” and as if she heard my mind, she claimed she stopped watching the film after a few minutes.

Then mom suddenly argued. ” No, Buddha was not an Indian. One Buddhist monk already explained”.


I was like “Huh”.

My mom was born and raised up in Indian community. She is regarded as a kind person to all people.


But I was disappointed that I could sense racism in her tone.

I think Burmese need to stop thinking Indians are not good enough. In Burmese movies, they chose Indian guys as either rapists or bad people. What the fuck !

I am just fed up with this society which is so hostile to certain community without showing violence. My country has turned into a racist country and sadly, I just have to accept that.

May real Buddhism rise up again in Burma! ‘Amen.