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Padar and Komodo island, Flores, Indonesia


First of all, I am very grateful to my Indonesian girlfriend Dea Sihotang for inviting me to join her trip in Indonesia, East Nusa Tenggara. Dea did extensive backpacking trip for five months in East Nusa Tenggara for her new book.

At first, it was my idea to spend my birthday at  a beautiful place and my idea was confirmed by Dea as she also needed her days off writing because she became so overwhelmed by a lot of information and extensive travelling. Some of my friends discouraged me not to go there as komodos are top predators and very unpredictable. They can run at 12 km per hour, can swim and also can climb the trees especially young komodos. They can be very fierce and can even eat their own babies. Baby komodos need to climb the trees to be away from big ones as they can eaten by adult komodos.

Secondly, komodo island is very far from civilization and you need to hire a boat to go there. Usually, the boat men are very skilful and know how to sail very well. But on the other hand, boats can be poorly equipped and there has been cases of shipwrecks when the sea become turbulent.

Thirdly, everything regarding komodo island is very pricey. The price for the one day trip for boat is 100- 200 us Dollars per day and it can be more expensive if you go alone . It is better to go with a group as the price will be lower if you can share the cost with other travellers. Anyway, it’s a worthwhile trip and you would never regret it.

Indonesia has 17,000 islands and komodo is one of the island of Indonesia. Komodo national park consists of three main islands called Komodo, Rinca , Padar island and numerous other small islands ,making it as total surface area of more than 1800 km. Komodos only exist in komodo and Rinca island and already extinct in Padar most probably because of lackof food there. Komodos eat deers, wild boars and buffalos. At the time being , some people said goats were killed and given to them to keep them satiete so that they will not harm to visitors. There are around 2300 komodos in komodo island alone. Dedinitely, its expensive to maintain the park.

Komodo islandEast Nusa Tanggara

To go to Komodo island, you have to reach a small town called Labuan Bajo. It was once a fishing village before komodo island became a tourist attraction. Nowadays, Labuan Bajo is a touristy place with a lot of Italian restaurants and divers who come from all over the world as Komodo island is also famous for its rich marine biodiversity. Komodo island was established in 1980 and declared as the world heritage list in 1991. As it is one of the UNESCO world heritage sites, Komodo island belongs to all the people of the world and everybody is responsible to maintain the uniqueness of the island.

I am not a travelling journalist and here, I am merely mentioning things I have seen and done in Komodo island. My aim is for the readers to have a glimpse of  komodo island and you can jot down your comments in case if you point out any mistake in this article.

First of all, I flew to Bali from Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. Then I took the domestic flight by using the company caled Nusatrip.

The flight is around 1.2 hours and you can check out various airlines. ( please take note that some airline only give you 10kg luggage and some airlines gives you up to 30 kg, for example Wings Air does not give you any food in flight and only gives you 10 kg while Garuda airline can offer you up to 20 kg luggage plus meal). I found out the domestic flight from Bali to Labuan Bajo is more costly than my international flight from KL to Bali. ( it is partly because I got the discount from KL to Bali with Air Asia. If you book earlier , you might get cheaper price for domestic flight. For me, I paid over 1.6 millions Indonesian Rupees , 130 US D for return domestic flights )

Labuan Bajo is a beautiful town , but it is too touristy and some beaches are polluted. I am very sad to say that and I blame this mostly on the tourists. My friend said the local does not make it better as well.

For transport in Labuan Bajo, there are plenty of Ojeks ( motor bikes ) and public coaches which are cheap. The Ojek drivers are very skilful and can drive smoothly at uneven lanes. You can pay them 5,000 -20,000 IDR for the ojak. Taxi prices are fixed and written on the board at airport based on the distance of your hotel to airport. ( tips: you can bargain it too. it’s because it was written 90,000 IDR to Gardena hotel, but I got the taxi with 60,000 IDR, strange, right?)

I spent three nights at the hotel called Gardena hotel because the hotel is not expensive and you can have the lovely view . I paid 200,000 IDR per night for two people . If you have a friend to share, it will cost you only 30 RM ( less than 10 us D ) per night.

The Gardena hotel is a budget hotel and if you don’t mind spending more money, you can also rent the rooms with air con . I advise you to bring a lot of cool clothes , sunglasses and sunscreen as Labuan Bajo is famous for its heat and humidity. I went there in March which is the winter season,, however, I found the town extremely hot and I kept on sweating and it was impossible to sleep without air fans. The temperature that time was 31 C and it was quite similar to Malaysian temperature, but I found out the heat was unbearable most probably because of lack of wind.  At night, there are lots of geckos making noises and  their noises are quite fascinating.

Here are the views of Gardena hotel. The stairs are pretty tiring especially if you have to climb up with your luggage. However, the staff are  very friendly and the breakfast, pancakes are delicious. You can sit at the table with a cup of coffee, overlooking the sea.


The view from Gardena hotel
view of Gardena, constructions are irritatingly disturbing the view. Hope town councillors will project not to build tall building at the port.
Gardena hotel


There is a restaurant called Chit Ma Bon near the Gardena hotel . My advice : Please don’t eat there, the food is terrible. ( sorry , hope they will improve the taste of food in the future )

If you stay at Gardena, you have a wide range of food choices as it’s near to the market and a lot of restaurants. It is also near to Money changer, stores, bakery and a lot of travel agencies where you can inquire about your boat trips and trips to other parts of East Nusa Tenggara. My personal experience is I do not really like the food from Labuan Bajo. It is also because I didn’t try a lot of restaurants there. Some said sea food is very fresh and delicious. ( unfortunately, I am not a fan of sea food, so I did not try any sea food , may be you can try as there are rows of shops selling fresh fish barbecue near the market ).

rows of shops which sell food at night near market

However, I really enjoy fruits there. They import fresh and juicy fruits from other towns  especially avocado. A lot of restaurants are modified to cater the taste of Italian people.

a famous restaurant called  Mediteranneo at Labuan Bajo

Regarding money changer, the rate at Labuan Bajo is much lower compared to Bali. So it’s advisable to change your money at bigger cities rather than in Labuan Bajo although there are a lot of ATMs and money changers there.

Another hotel we stayed in Labuan Bajo is Sylvia hotel. It has private beach and the rooms are well maintained. The beach is beautiful and they give free kayaking boats which you can use to go to the nearby beautiful island. The hotel charges 550,000 IDR per night ( which is around 180 RM). But the good thing about hotel is they give free shuttle bus service to and fro from airport. We stayed there on our last day so that we can get free transport service to airport. In case if you want to spend time at their private beach, you have to pay hotel 100,000 IDR ( 10 us D) per head or spend the same amount per head for your meal at the hote’s restaurant. Some of my friends stayed at cheaper hotel and did that.


the beach at Sylvia hotel. The water there has a lot of rubbish like other parts of the island although staff try to keep the beach clean. This is the photo of Dea who is trying to remove the rubbish from the sea.
the island you can go with kayaking from Sylvia hotel. It is a very short distance.

There is also a spot near Sylvia hotel where you can take photos of amazing view.

amazing view
A spot from a walking distance from Sylvia hotel
amazing view 2
amazing view of Labuan Bajo with toddy plants near Sylvia Hotel

Regarding the boat trips,please do the survey properly before you commit to one travel agency. They can say different kind of price depending on the number of tourists. We were supposed to go for two days one night boat trip with 1.2 million IDR per person ( around 100 us D per head ). However, the travel agent cancelled the trip at last minute as the other tourists who were supposed to join got sick and cancelled the trip. It was quite frustrating as we had already booked our flight back to Bali and finally , we decided to go just for one day trip. If you can, please arrange the trip as soon as you arrive at Labuan Bajo and find the agent which can offer you the best price. Usually one day trip is 50 us D to 70 us D depending on how you bargain. For example, we got the one day trip with 650,000 IDR while our travel partner had to pay 900,000 IDR for the same trip. Also, please make sure you know their itinerary. Some people prefer to go to either Rinca or Komodo as it’s practically the same and komodos exist in both islands. We have not been to Rinca but we are told by other tourists that trekking in Rinca is better than in Komodo island. Most tourists don’t know how beautiful is the Padar island. For me, it is so far the most beautiful place I have ever   been . It is the farthest island and you need at least three hours to go there. Apart from that, hiking takes time to reach the summit. So it’s the best to start journey around 5 am.

Let me tell you my experience. We were told by our tour agent that we needed to wait at 5.30 am in front of our hotel. But he didn’t turn up and we needed to call him. Then after we arrived at port ( just near Gardena hotel), we were quite confused because we didn’t know which boat was ours. There was a lot of discussion ( argument ) between our agent and the boatmen and finally we could start journey only around 7 am. ( I have to say that we are lucky because our boatmen are very skilful and helpful )

Labuan Bajo harbour port at early morning
beautiful sunrise
our skillful and helpful boat mean

The name of senior boat man on the left is Bapak Jailani. His phone number is +62812-3838-4079. He can only speak Bahasa Indonesia.

His partner kept on laughing at me because I was doing some funny things inside the boat to cheer myself.

Well, I know how extremely lucky I am to be on that trip. But mind you, there are following reasons I was also scared to be in boat.

  1. I do not know how to swim at all. And it is the rainy season and the boat is small. Luckily, they borrowed the life jackets for us only after I reminded them ” where are our life jackets?”, hahaha. SO please make sure you ask about life jacket and also check them whether they are ok or not before you start the trip.
  2.  I had already known women cannot go to komodo island when they have period or menstruation. Well, I know my period would coincide with the trip. So I took some pills before I flew to Bali. Unfortunately, I forgot to take the pill for 12 hours and instead of postponing my period, I induced my menstruation stupidly just the day prior to the boat trip. When you have blood, komodos can sense it and can prey you . So I was feeling very vulnerable and praying on the boat that I would not be chased by komodo. In case if they chase, I know I would not have any chance as I can run only 5 km per hour and they can run 12 km per hour although we weigh more or less the same. 😛
  3. I didn’t expect the trekking to be difficult. But when the travel agent saw my Hushpuppy heels, he gasped and said ” Hey, you can’t go to island with that kind of shoes. Either you go with better shoes or go with bare feet. It is not hot there “. And I am telling you that it was a total lie. You can hike there with bare feet only if you have experience of walking in the fire with bare feet. The padar island is extremely hot and the lane has many small stones which can make you slippery and fall down. I quickly went to local store and purchase the slippers only with 5 RM ( yes, these slippers are not good enough to hike padar as it caused me almost fell down a few times.) My advise is ” please get the good trekking shoes if you want to hike Padar island”
me, doing stupid things on the boat, the boatman were totally entertained by me
it is so fun to lie on the boat ( hope mom will not see this )
me and my girl friend Dea ( my travel advisor and Guru, haha )

The view on the way to Komodo island is very beautiful. There are many islands, most of them do not have many trees, but very green because of thick grass. Dea saw a dolphin and when I tried to see it, it disappeared into the sea with a splash. According to the boatmen, it is very common to see dolphins and some islands have salt water crocodiles and nobody dares to go that island.

viewthe view 2

The trip to Padar itself took three hours and both of us fell asleep during the journey as we needed to wake up very early. Luckily, there was only a short rain and the weather was quite favorable.

We went to Padar island first and the water around the island is transparent and clean although there were lots of rubbish , brought by tides towards the island. I was very sad to see that. I hope tourists will behave in the future not to destroy the beautiful island.

look at the amount of plastic collected near the island.

It was the narrow lane and the hike is not as difficult as the descent. The only problem is the island has not many big trees and it can be extremely hot unless you arrive there very early. The sweat oozes from every pores of my body and my lips became extremely dry. I had not been hiking for many years and if Dea was not there telling me ” you can do it , you can do it’, I might have stopped at midway. haha. Anyhow, the view is beautiful even at the bottom.

me, stupidly walking with a pair of slippers, I came back with a blister at my sole. Ouch!
just near the beginning of the hike
may be I was thinking whether I should continue or not, haha
it was like three lakes surrounding the island
every drop of water is super delicious there



This is the area I sat down as the heat became unbearable and I became very dizzy. It was partly because of my period and excessive sweating making me dehydrated. So I sat near the big stone and took the above photo. Later, when I closely looked at the area, I found out I was sitting near the hole which might belongs to an animal like snake. So I prayed ” please let me sit here, don’t come out from your hole”, haha.But it was a very nice rest and I could feel the breeze from there.

When I descended , it was more difficult than the climb as I could not get the grip with my slippers and I ended up stepping on small stones. Luckily, my boat man came to rescue me and helped me to go down . It was surprising that he didn’t even wear the shoes under that scorching sun.

The lane with the slippery stones

I found a guy fell down there and some people who came after us were asking each other ” Are you sure you want to hike this?” Basically, I am proud of myself that I made it. Once I arrived back at our boat, our travel partner from France was very surprised to found out I finally made it till the top . He raised his eyebrows and said ” Did you really make it?”. His face was so funny. But even before I made the answer ” yes” , I became very sick and threw up three times. It was embarrassing to be sick and it was even more embarrassing to throw up into the beautiful flawless water. I think it was because of heat and too much water ( I should have brought some soft drink ).

My nausea disappeared and my stomach felt better. But I felt so weak that I needed to lie down on the boat, in curling position. My lips were dry and my skin was hot. I kept on thinking about cold coca cola, cold lemon juice, cold vanilla shake, cold fruits, hahaha. How strange is it! We yearn to be away from civilization to be near to nature and when we are with nature, we yearn to have things from cities. I tried to close my eyes, and imagine the touch of cold tin with sweet, delicious juice on my lips.I could even imagine the water drops forming on the tins.  I was very tired, but I was also content and happy. Yes, in fact, I was extremely happy because it was my birthday and I was at the most beautiful place of the world. Thank you, thank you and thank you.

After the Padar island, we went to the komodo island. I found out a village near the komodo island has lots of goats and they use the goats to feed komodos. There was a mosque and children were playing on the bridge. They look content and joyful. I am sure all of them can swim well.



My wish was granted when we arrived the village because my friend Dea bought coca cola for me. It was the best coca cola I have ever had in my life . 🙂

Finally we were at komodo park. They charge 75,000 IDR for Indonesian citizen and 230,000 IDR ( 3 times of citizen ) for foreigners. Even my tour agent told me to keep my mouth shut as I just look like an Indonesian. But I had no desire to provoke komodo as I was having a period and I also don’t want other people to be chased by komodos because of me. SO my plan was just to sit in the boat. My tour agent assured me komodo cannot climb inside the boat. But it was very sunny and finally I decided to sit under the shade at the entrance.

Alas, as soon as we arrived, we spotted two komodos from far. They are young komodos and not as big as others. ( A komodo can weigh up to 300 lbs) They were lazing under the sun and my friend saw a komodo hissed fiercely once it was approached by another komodo. I found them very bossy and solidatory . It seemed like they don’t want to friend with each other. And all of them looked like they were domesticated and they are so much used to the sight of humans. There were events that komodos attacked and killed an 8 year old boy and devoured the foot of a ranger as he fell asleep with the smelly socks. But komodos are like other animals and they will not harm you unless you provoke them. So far, I just saw komodos are more disturbed by humans than they disturb humans. They have aura and it was written that they have saliva with 50 strains of virulent bacteria which can cause septic shock to the victim. Their jaws are also powerful and can crunch the bones of buffaloes into pieces. I asked the guide who was sitting at the entrance what happened when komodo died and he said ” Nobody eat them here, their friends eat them when they die”. His answer made me have goose bumps especially two komodos was just near my sight. I kept on pleading the guide “please don’t go far and stay near me” because I was very scared as my friend and boat men went inside the park to see more komodos.

komodos are disturbed on daily basis. But they seem like they are used to cameras and humans

komodo 3

Well, I have been informed that the government tried to increase the population of deers which are the main food for komodos. But I never expected I would see a lot of deers at close range. They are big and beautiful and not even scared of humans. I found their eyes mesmerizing especially when they came near to me and looked at me. I was very happy to see the deers, ( much much more than seeing komodos) although people laughed at me when I told them I was trying to avoid komodos as most tourists are eager to see komodos. While I was sitting at the entrance, the guide near me suddenly lept up and chased out the small cobra which approached me. I was even not aware of that. ( well, if you don’t say that as adventure, what experience will you call as an adventure, wink!)

On the continuation of National park, we found a strange island with lots of deers. The boat men told us that nobody dares to go there as there are lots of salt water crocodiles there. What an interesting place !

we saw the deer from far on that island

Finally we arrived at the pink beach. There were not many pink beach in the world and FLores is one of them. The reason for pink color is because of the pink color coral which disintegrate and blend with sand. Unfortunately, its pinkness depends on the water level and as we went there at monsoon, the pink color was not that obvious. According to our boat man, he said, he even know a beach which is almost orange in color, but we could not go there because it was already late and the orange color boat is far.

pink beach
pink beach
me and Dea at pink beach
dead coral at pink beach

We were promised we would be sent to Kanawan island which is a very beautiful island. But it was late and we couldn’t go there anymore. On the way back, it was dark and we could see the beautiful sunset with bright pink color sky mingled with grey and blueish clouds. I never think camera is enough to capture that.

The strange thing which happened on the way back is suddenly, the boat man hurried towards the front of the boat and said ” be careful of current” and I could see very shallow water while we were very far from shore. And he also said we should be careful of fly fish which might jump up into the boat because of light inside. He said sometimes these fly fish can hurt us.

In fact, I am very thankful to our boat men for their kind service.They really looked after us and even guided me towards the beautiful coral as I cannot swim.  Later, I will include their address here as I found out tour agent took one third of money just for connecting the tourists to boat men. I was sad to know that. Out of 2.2 million IDR, tour agent took 0.8 million IDR. Isn’t it irritating to know that? But my friend said it is already good enough for boat men because if they fish, they might only earn 0.1 million IDR per day.

To sum up, here are the tips if you want to visit Komodo island

1) It is better to take your time and visit other parts of East Nusa Tenggara rather than komodo island alone as the trip is costly. You can go to a lot of interesting places in Maumere, Bajawa Wae Rebo and Kelimutu lake.

On the website, the price are more expensive, but if you go there, you can bargain on your own and can get cheaper price. However, if you want to make sure your trip is well managed and you have time constraint, it is the best to book the trip ahead. Usually, it takes 8-10 days to visit famous attractions in East Nusa Tenggara.

2) Go with a group of 4-6 people. You can get cheaper price for boat trip.

3) bring your sunglasses, sun screen, cool clothes and hat and above all, GOOD Non Slippery Trekking shoes

4) Make sure your boat is equipped with functioning life jackets

5) Make sure your snorkelling set is good . ( I could not snorkel as my snorkelling set has holes and the water kept on coming inside my mouth)

6) Make sure your itinerary includes PADAR island. Most tourists don’t know about that. Bring dehydration juices with you.

7) DO not buy things from souvenir shop at Komodo island. Things are more expensive than in airport.

8) Give some tips to boat men . They deserve it.

9) Do not litter and bring back only memory and leave only your foot prints.

10) try not to have period during your visit for women.

For more information about East Nusa Tenggara, you can follow the travel website of my friend Dea.

Dea is an amazing journalist and she is currently writing a book about her backpacking trip in East Nusa Tenggara. She also has a travel blog called

I have also given the following address by the tour guide to contact if you want to know more about the price and information about various tours from Labuan Bajo.

Travel agent: Full of Friendship Trip


Phone : +6281236046012

( note: this is the company which can help you to go other parts of East Nusa Tenggara. I did not go with that tour. But for informarion, you can ask them)

I hope these information can be useful for someone.



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