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I am a woman who likes to do small little things for others as well as for myself. I love forests and beaches. I spent a lot of my time sitting beside a beach. I worship imperfection and I am quite good at it. You will see it instantly when you start to read my blog. I am crazy and proud of it. I believe serious people have some sort of delusion. I was born and bred in Burma and being in a troubled country taught me how to be resilient. I worked in Malaysia for 12 years as a doctor. I still think it is one of the most beautiful country . Apart from that, I am broken and flawed.But I am always in the process of fixing myself. I love writing so much and it takes away the pain I feel for my country and the world ocasionally.

Mull circle , Chasms and Fleshwick bay ( Places to see near Port Erin in Isle of Man )

If you want to have some adventures and if you are not afraid of paranormal places, you have to go to Mull circle and Chasms. Both of them are walking distance to Cregneash village , a popular tourist destination in South of the island ( Isle of Man ). I have a walking enthusiastic friend called Heather who walks extensively in Isle of Man. Last year, Heather walked more than 1500 miles and she is planning to achieve similar or more this year.  Today, we picked Heather in Port Erin on the way to Mull Circle so that we could  spend time with her while walking. We drove to Cregneash village ( a village which has been maintained the same like 200 years ago with lots of stony houses and farm  ). We parked our car at allocated car parking space near Cregneash village. ( please read my other blog about Cregneash village if you are interested )

We had to walk uphill slowly until we reach the areas where Isle of Man people built look out places in World War II where the soldiers detected traffic of air crafts by using radar system.

remnants of World War II buildings
The view f Cregneash village ( you can see small chimney on the left side of the photo ) and the calf of man ( a small island where you can observe colonises of seals )
Steve and Heather ahead of me
Heather and me , I am still wearing my usual hat even in the summer. 🙂

Mull circle has six pairs of graves and they were built as burial sites for Vikings or important people in late Neolithic time ( 3500 BC ).  It is at such a strategic view where you can see whole of Port Erin town and part of Port St Mary.

Mull Circle with six pairs of graves which are connected to each other with passages


the zoom in view of a big house which belongs to a very prominent figure in Isle of Man ( taken from Mull Hill )

The unusual ring of stones has been well known to local people, but it does not have a good name. People have told stories about sudden disorientation here, weird moving lights, some have heard unexplained sounds – as if galloping invisible horses. Most impressive is the story about a ghostly army of horsemen riding along the stone ring .
Despite its name Meayll Hill Stone Circle (Meayll in Manx means “bald”) is not a true megalithic stone circle (like Stonehenge) – it is a unique group of passage graves.

Local historian P.M.C.Kermode and Scottish scientist W.A.Herdman organized first excavations in the mysterious stone circle – one in August – September 1893 (results published in 1904) and next – in 1911 (published in 1914). A.S.Henshall explored the graves in 1971 (published in 1978).
Findings show that Meayll people were skilled potters who produced diverse, richly decorated vessels. There were found many sherds of these vessels. These urns were used to hold the remains of the deceased – in each burial cist were placed several such urns. There were found also cremated bones, flint arrowheads, knives and – rounded white quartz pebbles. Some of these can be seen in Manx Museum.

As the result of repeated excavation plus attempts of treasure hunters, there is nothing much left in Mull circle apart from those stones which are erected more than 5000 years ago

credit :

After leaving Mull hill, we headed towards Chasms and Spanish Head of Isle of Man.

we need to pass through Cregneash village to go to Chasms
Stony cottages of Cregneash village
On the way to Chasms, we can see the man of Calf , a small island of seals again in this photo
Cows enjoying the sunny day

The way to Chasms is a downhill path towards a building called Chasm café ( some people call is Sugarloaf café ). It was quite easy to reach there. But the hard part is going beyond the gate and fence where you need to walk around the deep creeks of the rock . The gate can be found near the café and it leads to the cliff. As the creeks are covered superficially by bushes and shrubs, one can easily fall into the deep creeks into the sea.

The creek in the rock
creek in the rock 
The sign next to the creek “Visitors should be aware that this site could be dangerous without proper care and attention “

Historically, it has been a dangerous place and that is why children and pets are not allowed to go beyond the fence. Recently 51 year old man died after falling into the creek near Chasms.




On the way to Chasms, the building in this photo is a café called  Chasms and it has been closed for years

Chasms is an amazing rock formation in Isle of Man which is the home of hundreds of puffin birds. Unfortunately, it is not reachable by public and puffins cannot be observed up close unless you have a good pair of binoculars. Sugar loaf rock can be seen properly if you take a boat trip from Port St Mary to Man of Calf island. As I don’t have good balance, both Heather and Steve , my boy friend prohibited me from walking beyond the gate. So I took some pictures from far.

Chasms and Sugarloaf from far
if you see carefully, you can see groups of white color dots, puffin staying on the rock


we did not go beyond the fence as it is not very safe

More than that, I found out there are some hearsay stories about Chasms as some people have witnessed ghostly women walking or running around Chasms . So I would not recommend to go there without any companion and it would be better if one can go there during the day time instead of evening or night time .

We tried to stay inside the fence and walk around until we can see glimpse of sugarloaf rock formation where puffins live. I could see colonies of puffins but it was hard to appreciate their details. Even without sighting of puffin birds, sugarloaf is still a beautiful thing to observe.

We walked around Chasms and admired people who have courage to walk on the rock with deep creeks. A few of them came back and they looked tired. Steve said falling into the creek is so much different from falling into the open sea as you most probably get injured during fall and nobody will be able to rescue you as the creeks are deep and narrow.

people who are walking beyond the fence on the narrow path of the cliff
The farm land near Chasms

As I am now writing about Mull circle and Chasms, I am going to include Fleshwick bay in this article. Fleshwick bay is a hidden beach near Port Erin, but quite far from Cregneash. You need to drive out of Port Erin Town and go towards Surby road. From Surby road, you need to drive towards the farmer cottages with narrow lanes. Car parking on the road is quite difficult as the roads are narrow. Next to the bay, there is a limited car parking space, but it can be crowded especially during summer.

My favourite of the trip to Fleshwick bay is driving down towards the beach where you can see isolated house surrounded by mountains. It is such a breath taking view and I can never get tired of that view .

On the way to Fleshwick Bay

Fleshwick baby is a gorgeous beach and suitable for people who like kayaking. You can also climb up mountains surrounding the bay and can enjoy panoramic view of the bay.



We saw some ducklings with their mommy duck and Steve was pretty much fascinated by them .

Mama Duck and her obedient babies
Fleshwick  Bay
I will write more about Isle of Man as I have no where to go because of lock down. I hope you enjoy reading this and hopefully more people can visit this beautiful island in the future.

Thank you




Dhoon glen, Isle of Man

Dhoon glen is one of the steepest glen in Isle of Man (an island in the Irish sea between UK and Ireland ). Isle of Man is a small island with 80000 population and the isle has many legends associated with fairies . Many folks believe in fairies and some of them even claim fairies have visited them. But when you visit glens, you develop some delusions that may be fairies do exist there. It is because you can see a dense  canopy of trees,  beautiful wild flowers, tress covered with mosses along rivers and they do look like places for fairies. TO make your imagination wild, some areas have crafted tiny houses and statues, purposely arranged to look like fairy houses. Isle of Man also has a landmark on the main road  to airport where people  say ” hello” to fairies so that you will not have bad luck on the island. Even the buses have installed personal announcement saying ” Hello Fairies ” when the buses pass  that particular landmark.

Dhoon glen is a big glen on the coastal pathway to Ramsey ( northern part of island ). In 1800s, it  used to be a popular  tourist destination as there used to be a small passenger ship ” Manx fairy ” which ran daily  from Douglas to Ramsey and Dhoon bay used to be transit point where tourist could get off the ship in small boats  to spend the time on the beach or to wander in the forests surrounding the glen . In late 19th century, around 8000 visitors by sea and further 42,000 visitors by road visited Dhoon glen in a typical season. When electric Tram arrived in 1897 to isle of man, it boost the number of tourists to Dhoon glen and the glen even started charging tourists 1.5 pence per person . Nowadays, Isle of Man does not have many tourists like before and not many people go to Dhoon glen  as the steps are quite steep ( 190 steps ) and there are many more open glens in Isle of Man where you can reach easily by car. It also adds extra bonus to Dhoon glen because you can still relax there on your own as it is not a crowded place.

Dhoon bay ( stony beach )
panorama view of beach
panorama view of Dhoon bay where boats used to come to drop off tourists

The waterfall half way down the valley is the inner Wooar or Big girl and is one of the highest waterfalls in the island falling over 40 metres ( 130 ft ) in two drops.

Hnin at waterfall
base of waterfall
waterfall lowest
waterfall have large volume of water when there is rain

We went there in May , 2020 in the evening. In isle of man , you can still see the sun till 8 pm in May as it is spring. We had difficulty to park the car that time as there were more than usual number of visitors as it was on Saturday. You can see the Manx tram station ” Dhoon glen ” at the entrance of the glen. After passing the railway, there is a small landing area with big trees where you can sit and relax.

near the entrance of Dhoon glen beside the main road

Then we went down the stairs on the left side. If you turn to right side, you might end up going to the wrong direction. Stairs are made of Manx stone and they are not the nicest stairs as they are uneven . The pathway can be slippery with dry leaves and mud. Before you go to the area of waterfalls, you need to pass through the forest which is so beautiful as the sun rays falling through the leaves.

dense canopy of trees before starting of waterfall

After passing through the forest, we walked along the pathway in parallel with the river. The flow of water from the river and tweeting of birds were very soothing to our souls.

beautiful lane
pathway parallel to the river

gorgeous stream

As it is the spring season, we could see wild flowers along the pathway. The flowers are called blue bells and they look like velvet carpet . Blue bells can have other colours such as white and pink.

blue bells lining lane
can you see the blue bells mingling with grass on the slope and near river bank

We passed through many steps with varying heights and we had to be careful as we could easily slip and fall.

Denise holding the branch
My friend Denise enjoying the view of river
My friend Nang carefully crossing the narrow bridge
beginning of waterfall
beginning of waterfall ( after these small drops, there are two big drops of waterfall, total height 130feet )
lane before beach
The narrow path before reaching Dhoon bay

We walked past the waterfall towards the beach. The path has small waterfalls which finally lead to two big drops of waterfall. The total height is 130 feet and it was a bit tiring especially for me as I tend to get muscle ache easily . It took me longer time to arrive beach and it was nice to see my friends were settled at the beach and waving at me.

My friend Nang waving at me from the beach

The beach is ragged and full of pebbles and stones.

pebbles at beach

I found a  big flat stone where I lied down and had a nap as I was very tired at the end of trekking although it was only 2 miles . I looked at the blue sky and thought of my blessings with nature. As usual, I said thank you to the place for having me for a few hours before I left. I will write about other glens as soon as I have enough time. Thank you for reading my blog.


Glen Mooar and Glen Wyllin ( isle of man)

We all feel helpless in this pandemic as health care workers. But I want to be strong, calm and collected at the time of crisis. Usually nature helps me a lot. My plan is to finish all glens of isle of man this summer. I just hope that situation will permit me for these activities. Glens are not crowded and as they are in open air, you do not need to worry about getting infection there . For your information, Glens are places between valleys where you can find small streams , forests with foot paths to walk around.

Me and my friend Dennise decided to walk at Glen Mooar and Glen Wyllin which are coastal glens. Glen Mooar is 1 mile south of Kirk Michael. We drove through mountain road and needed to drive 26 minutes from Douglas.

The roads are not rough and even small cars can arrive. We parked the car and met a lovely gentleman called Peter who is a retired school teacher. He told us direction how to go to waterfall . The waterfall is called White Spout ( Spooyt Vane in Manx) and its one of the highest waterfalls. Well, highest does not mean it is high enough compared to waterfalls in Asia. But definitely it is lovely.

white spout waterfall

my unifriend since 19 years old

After walking back from waterfall , we tried to find an old church. We could not find it

Instead, we found a mansion which is overlooking the sea. It is in the secluded area and it must worth a million at least. I sometimes wonder whether I would be too scared to live in middle of nowhere.

a mansion in the secluded area

We walked several minutes in rain finding the church. We could not find it and we were too cold to continue..My friend Nan was not wearing appropriate shoes and we returned back to car.

Next day, we went to Glen Wyllinn which is near Glen Mooar. The coastline of Glen has been collapsing and eroding. After decades, the area will lose the land to the sea.

The entrance of Glen Wilyan

We walked pass the entrance and saw a small waterfall.

you can go down and walk along the stream

After 3 minutes , you can see the shore with boulders placed to prevent erosion

The tides were strong and the waves splashed against the shore by force. It was a lovely day.

Thank you


The trip was done in March

Running out of Outlets


Wake up. Eat breakfast. Put my mask on and walk to work in the brisk, early morning sunlight of New Jersey. My shift starts at 07:00. As I walk into the hospital, like every day, I am stopped for a forehead temperature scan and asked if I have any flu-like symptoms before proceeding to the ICU. I gather my one N95 mask for the day, a single hair net, shoe covers if available, a plastic gown and a pair of hospital issued scrubs. I reuse my face shield everyday.

I head down two floors to the makeshift ICU. The entrance is blocked off with heavy-duty construction plastic as an attempt to make the OR and PACU ‘negative-pressure’. [COVID can stay airborne for several hours with aerosolization and the negative pressure means particles will flow into the COVID area, not into other surrounding hallways]. This area is filled people, each crammed…

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Ignorance is bliss at least for some moments

I am writing this on behalf of all vulnerable group of people such as people with depression and anxiety during this crisis.

Pandemic is hard for normal people and harder for people with anxiety. In uk, there are 1.5 millions of people who are taking immunosuppressive medication for their underlying medical problems. Even though they are advised and supported by government to self isolate for 3 months, they have constant fear they might get it somehow. Not all situations are ideal. Sometimes, people live alone. Therefore it is hard to ask other people for shopping all the time. If they have gardens, at least they can walk in their own gardens. If they live in a tiny flat, you can imagine their life not being able to walk under the sunshine. Self isolation does not help mental health and when loneliness set in, depression become worse.

Some of my patients complained to me that family members are always telling them about death rate all over the world. I live in Isle of Man where management of covid 19 is much better than uk and most European countries. It is also because we are in strategic position to do lock down and it is easy to shut down borders. Today we have zero case. We also have 80000 of small population in a considerable big land making social distancing more feasible. I asked my patients not to read too much about news which are full of morbid scenes. Its because anxiety is making their lives more difficult than covid 19 itself. Some cannot sleep and sleep is very important for our well being. A lot of them are losing appetite and losing weight. Nutrition is vital for them to counteract the side effect of medication they are taking. Worldwide, suicide rate is increasing daily . Even some young people attempted suicide as they thought they were having covid. One of my patients developed severe dehydration as she was not eating well out of anxiety. These are all collateral damage.

My telephone conversation with patients become longer. Most of them want to know how I am coping. It makes them happy when I says I am doing well . They are lonely and it is even hard to end conversarion. My eyes became wet when my patient told me he would not be able to see his demented wife who is in nursing home for their 60th anniversary. I feel the pain when my patients say they do not have enough supply at home as friends who help for shopping are in quarantine. Sometimes they do not want to let go of me . Their liberty to walk in the forest or on the hill is taken off.

I have realised how much it is important to omit the bad news which might not benefit to vulnerable group of people. Usually I encourage them their results are better than last year when it is the case. When things are not good, I encourage them bad situation will not last forever. My 96 year old patient told me he wanted to go out with me for lunch after pandemic. Gleefully I accepted his offer without hesitation. Life is too short and we need to cherish and appreciate what we have.

We are allowed to walk once a day. As now is spring, I am walking everyday. Sometimes I walked in glens beside the stream listening to the chriping of the birds and ripples of river.

Sometimes I appreciate colors and varieties of wild flowers which are randomly blossoming all over the place.

Sometimes I try to look for shy animals such as rabbits or birds . I try to be as silent as possible so that I will not scare them off.

I also found out a few strategic locations I can use for picnic when lock down is over.

coastal walk

My heart is full of gratitude when I think of my co workers who work as frontlines away from their family . I put them in my prayers everyday even though I am not religious. I am also trying not to click on any news which might not benefit my profession nor wisdom. I do not need to know whether virus spread from market or a lab. I do not need to know whether Trump is telling the truth or not. Its because these are things I cannot control and the only thing I can control is my choice. Do I want to be Miss know it and being angry or just practice ” willful neglect” for the peace of my mind. How am I supposed to calm my patient if myself is laden with anxiety. Even animals sense when you are tense. I am telling myself all the time ” Hnin, take a deep breath and relax”.

Much love


Nature heals us

I have to admit that I am not ok and I think its better to admit my state of mind is not ok rather than trying to pretend as if everything is fine. I am very persevere but I am also an expert at breaking down frequently so that I can continue pretending to be normal. I can say that this pandemic does not affect me some ways and affect me in many ways.

For example, I do not like bars, parties and mass gathering. I usually feel alone. But I love small group of people and I love walking outside. When I get upset, I get comfort from nature. It may be a forest , a beach , a hill or an open field. I love talkin to the trees and walking along the coastal road.

In 2014, I went to a lake called Lake Toba where a massive volcano erupted. Lake Toba literally sat on the cold volcano which might be active again after many years. When the volcano erupted, it killed people to the extent that human species almost extinct. When I was there, I was mesmerized by its beauty. It was hard to believe we were at the place of tragedy thousands of years ago.

But amazing thing is remaining people thrived and continued civilisation and the world evolved into a sophisticated place . Then a lot of researches and a lot of diseases which we never knew before emerged . I am wondering whether we had missed diagnosis of deadly diseases before simply because of lack of media and investigation.

I am having nightmares all the time to the extent I cannot recall what they mean anymore. So I went to the beach called Nirabyl and lay on the ground. I pressed my face to the grass and whispered ” please protect us “. Then I lingered and thought ” protect from what?”.

I want us to shield ourselves from negative thoughts and worries. Death is inevitable but at least we should be able to choose how we live.

Much love from Isle of Man


un orthodox ( movie review )

I love movies. When I was young, I used to watch at least 2 movies per week. They are good especially if you have never read the original book before watching the movie. Nowadays, I rarely find movies which are uplifting, so I turned to social media which is even worse. But when I find Netflix series like un orthodox, it made me forget about this crazy world we are in at least for that hours I was watching the movie.

Un orothodox was based on 2012 series of book called ” The scandalous rejection of my Hasidic roots ” written by Deborah Feldman based on her real life stories. The movie was modified to fit in current time although the real story happened in 1980s. It was about a Jewish girl from Satmar community in Williamsburg, Brooklyn , New York city. Satmar community is an ultra orthodox Jewish community in NYC . Most first generations are holocaust survivor migrated from Hungary and not only they carried the emotional trauma but also passed their trauma to new generations. They became ultra orthodox society with stringent rules and strict ways of life. For example, they did not allow females to carry on any kind of training after certain age and arrange marriage for females as young as 16 or 17 years old. They protect females and at the same time, restrict their personal growth and freedom.

Esther ( Esty) was a 17 year old Yiddish girl who was left by her mother at young age to her grandparents. Her father was an alcoholic and incapable of looking after her. She was raised by her religious grandparents from father side and made to believe that her mother abandoned her. She was groomed properly to become a good wife and good mother since young age. She did not get any formal education after 7 although she was very intelligent and always questioned internally about the belief of family. She was arranged to meet her husband Yanky who was as naive as her to marry at 17. Esty loved music and tried to practice piano with paper keyboard secretly. Later she was given piano lessons by a kind piano teacher who rent her grandparents apartment in exchange for the rent. Her husband never tried to know real Esty as he himself was controlled by his mother , sister and the whole society. He pushed Esty to have a baby since marriage and made her run away eventually to Germany where her birth mother lived.

It was fortunate that Esty met diverse group of musicians from around the world practicing group music at the university in Berlin . She realized her passion in music was immerse although she had been convinced by her community that performing in public by females was immodest. While she was enjoying her new life with her new friends, Yiddish community sent her husband and a schmuck ( his cousin ) to Berlin to force her back to Williamsburg once they knew she was carrying a baby. Both her husband and his cousin arrived just before the time Esty was trying to get scholarship from the university. I have to admit this series is at least movies of the decade as everybody made effort to make every tiny details in the setting similar to real world.

Director, producers, scrip writers and some crew members flew to NYC to see and feel the environment of Satmar community 2 times. They captured a lot of photos and consulted with Yiddish consultant El Rosen who helped directer to find the right setting, right costumes and right people to perform in the movie back in Berlin . Some of the costumes are very expensive and they needed to borrow them from Williamsburg. The director also interviewed a lot of people from Satmar community to know the personal experience of different people. The main character Shira Haas is an enormous actress ( in contrary to her small figure ) and even twitching her facial muscles made me feel her emotions. Other main characters like Amit Rahav ( husband ) and Jeff Wilbusch ( cousin of husband ) were new actors and they played extremely well. Especially, Jeff Wilbusch was a German actor who speaks Yiddish and grew up in Satmar community is kind of amazing .

If I had never watched this movie, I would not have believed there is a Jewish community like that exist in NYC . It is eye opening and able to empathize and understand the reaction of Satmar community towards outsiders. If you want to watch something to uplift you during this pandemic time, I recommend you to watch ” un orthodox “. At least, it will give you something to think about for a few days.



My birthday is international women day ( isle of Man part V)

I never realized that I should be proud of my birthday. Usually, people regard 8 as unlucky number. Anyhow, some of my friends think that it’s good that my birthday coincides with international women day as I am a strong and determined woman.

I have to say that it is not true. In fact , I get hurt easily and can get anxious for small matters. This morning, I was very upset as my boy friend did not turn up till 1 pm. I don’t have any family here and he and a few friends are all I have here. So I thought he should at least give some priority for me on my birthday. Steve is extremely fond of sleep and sometimes he needs more sleeping hours than a lot of people. Usually, I never wake him up although I miss going out in the day light and end up staying in doors with him. This summer, I want to make a difference. I want to go out alone before he wakes up to make use of the sun.

After 1.30 pm, he came up and agreed to take me to places I have never been before. The weather was quite sunny today and we went to Laxey Glen . As soon as I see nature, I got better straight away. Isle of Man have many glens and I think I have been to half of the glens. I had never been to Laxey glen I quite like the place. It was wet and some path were very uneven. I like trees covered with mosses as it gives illusion of fairy tales.

trees covered with mosses

There are also small bridges and indeed look like pictures in story books.

beautiful stony bridges

The water comes from top of mountains

To make the scenery perfect, I saw the sculpture of smiling crocodile . It was alone and its face was funny as if it was winking at you. It made me wonder whether crocodile stayed in island thousands of years ago.

smiling crocodile one eye was closing

The path was slippery and wet especially because of dry leaves. I had to struggle to keep going.

perfect spot for swimming

We went uphill and saw beautiful small waterfalls and stream which can be perfect spot for swimming in the summer. The water was crystal clear.

The problem of swimming in nature in Isle of man is weather is cold all the time and it’s impossible for me to swim in the sea. But my boyfriend said the river water is equally cold even in the summer. Grrr!

We kept walking uphill with the hope of going back to main road. Unfortunately, the path was very difficult and I almost fell down a few times . When we came back, we met a gentleman and he warned us we should not have climbed there as we could easily break our ankle if we fall.

they look like bird nest

After we came out of Laxey hill, we drove around Maughold which is in the north part of island. We drove through farm lands and the sceneries were very beautiful.

Maughold mountains and sea

Isle of man is always trying to preserve the nature and diversity of island . You can see various wild life and birds wherever you go here. It is also common to see big houses in the middle of nowhere .

Daffodils are everywhere. It is regarded as a bad luck to bring daffodils inside the house. But just now, my friend has given me some and I can’t say No to here. So there are some in my house now.

Then we drove up to beach and it was ragged . I don’t like stony beaches as I only love to walk on soft sand beach. The beach looks like Garwick beach.

I determined myself I will write more in the future especially about Isle of man, which I now regard as my HOME.


Movie review ” Colette”

I love intelligent movies. But I am also weary of miserably realistic movies. I only want to be comforted by some positive vibes especially winter. I am glad that I stumbled upon the movie ” Colette ” from Netflix.

I found the movie very inspirational especially as a woman and a wanna-be-artist”. Colette was a young, innocent, strong country girl who fell in love with a well know author called Willy incidentally. Willy was 14 years senior and notorious of gambling, having an extravagant living and being promiscuous. He was also a talented artist who maintained his fame by employing various ghost writers who earned living by writing for him. Usually, he gave rough idea and plots to his ghost writers and got the benefit out of them. None the less, his lifestyle always exceeded his sporadic flux of various incomes.

It was surprising for Parisian community when Willy decided to marry a country girl. Colette was frowned upon by socialites for her choice of dresses in the beginning and her upfront personality. She detested people flirting with each other and people who take pride on adultery . Out of pleasing her husband, Colette tried to write short stories which were rejected instantly by Willy. Willy thought her stories were too honest to be liked by anyone.

When Willy’s financial problems became critical, bank people came and took their furniture to pay for his debt. Then only, they rediscovered her old writing and Willy decided to edit them for publishing. Eventually, her stories became wildly popular although the books were under the name of her husband. Willy also emotionally abused her and even locked her inside the room , forcing Colette to write more.

I really love the character of Colette. She was genuinely in love with her husband mostly because he was charming and very intelligent. At the same time, Colette was smart enough to her role and also beware of the mindset of her husband whose life was full of lies. Her mother persistently reminded her that Colette had a strong personality and nobody should be able to change her.

During the mist of financial crisis alternating with fame , they were invited by rich people and the wife of millionaire had an affair with Colette. At same time, Willy tried to muddle the situation and slept with the same woman. It became more interesting when Colette eventually fell In love with another woman who dressed like a man. She found someone who truly loved her unconditionally . The movie shows metamorphosis of Colette from an innocent teenager to a mature artist with confidence . It also gave us a glimpse of life style of cream layered people and artists in 1800s as the story is based on real life of Colette. The real actress Colette was also a very beautiful woman. Please watch the movie if you want to uplift yourself. It will not disappoint you.



my depression during winter

Its winter here in Europe. I woke up to see mist and fog hovering around. When I finish work at 5 pm, most places are pitch dark. I drive back home feeling so blue.

I lived in Asia and did not realise how much sunshine means to me. Bless to all of you who are living in sunny country.



PS I don’t even bother to put photo here. I am that depressed.