Maing Thouk. Shan state. Burma

Today we went to the place where you can climb the hill and see the overall view of Inn Lay.

Maing Thouk is 20 miles more or less away from Taunggyi and  it is located on the Eastern shore of Inn Lay lake, half village is on the dry land and half is in the lake. Most population rely on farming and most of them use boats as a way of transportation.  We drove up the hill and observed the monastery and paid homage to a small pagoda. The view is lovely .

The pagoda on the hill

The pagoda on the hill




There is also an orphanage on the hill which is organized by the monastery. The original in charge monk of the monastery passed but his statue is placed at the pagoda. It was written that he became a novice at young age.


Admirable Sayadaw statue



Cows are  essential for dryland farming
Farmer  on the boat among tomato trees
450 meter long bridge


We then walked on the bridge and savor the view of mountains and vegetable farm. We saw farmers being busy rowing the boats and digging the soil.

Maing Thouk in water
Surrouned by ranges of mountains
Green and refreshing view


Long legged houses. Every house has a boat


Beautiful velvety flowrrs



Some houses have restaurants and selling beers and local delicacies. At first we wondered how to go to restaurant. It was easy. Just shout to the person whoever is visible on the house. They will row the boat and pick you up at the bridge. At certain part of bridge, they have ladders where you can climb down and up.

The water was up to only knee length as the rain has not come yet. The girl who picked up with a boat was very skillful in handling the boat. The weather became hot as it was almost 11 am. But we still enjoyed our boat ride and snack at the restaurant.

When you step on the boat , it is shaky a bit , but you do not need to worry once you sit down.

Afterall, it was such a nice outing.

On the way back, we had a nice lunch , fish curry at Pauk Kyaw restaurant beside Nyaung Shwe road. The restaurant is in chalets made of bamboo and thetch . The chalets are inside the lake which has many fish. Phone. +95-9-5215934. ( the dishes are cheap and yummy)

On the way , we saw a lot of tourists on bicycles . They bike around Inn lay as using bike  is less costly and more enjoyable.

I recommend Maing Thouk as a good place to visit as you can observe the unique agriculture and nice scenery.



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