Jade pagoda, Mandalay, Burma

Burma is the country which has the maximum amount and the best quality of jade.

In 2012, a highly spirited Buddhist couple  donated the jade pagoda with two aims.

1) to attract more tourists and to use the jade they have collected for 25 years for a good cause

2) to make the evidence that Burma has the best quality of jade in case if all the resources of jade runs out after many years.

Why jade is used for building pagoda? May be its because there was none before. Apart from that, there are 3 characteristics of jade such as

1) beauty

2) long lasting

3) rarerity

There are 7 facts which is related to donation of jade. Burmese believe that  donation of certain things can give you special rewards either in this life or next life. Regarding jade, it can give

1) generosity

2) courage

3) justice

4) humility

5) wisdom

6) safety

7) wealth

The donor has invited Japanese technician to make sure the pagoda can withstand earthquakes. It took 2 years to build and used 1000 tons of hade. The highest quality jade were inserted at the tip of pagoda. The price of jade used alone is 30 millions usD without the cost of building it. The most qualified artists were hired to build scultures and statues.

It is located in Mandalay State, Amarapura township, near Yangon Mandalay highway. If you arrive at bus station, you can hire motor bike to send you. It takes only 20 minutes and they can charge you 6000 to 8000 kyats.  It was built in the area of 5 acres. Both the width and height is 133 feet 6 inches.

Now you can see a few photos of jade pagoda.






The monk paying homage to buddha

Thank you for reading.



While you can visit other pagodas at four am in Mandalay , Jade pagoda opens the gate only at five am most probably due to security reason.



2 thoughts on “Jade pagoda, Mandalay, Burma”

    1. Yeah. There is diversity of thoughts.some feel sorry for the jewels leaked away to uk. The ruby embedded in King Elizabeth’s crow is from Burma. But to me, 21 year old king and 19year old queen can make the country progress? While many Burnese feel sorry for the last royal, I feel indifferent about them.

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