My experience with hitchhikers

hitch hiker

Since I became obsessed with doing random acts of kindness , I have been doing small little but meaningful things for complete strangers . It ranges from giving coins or small change to people who need that urgently to pay for their parking ticket;  to giving couch to tourists or students who want to visit to my town from other countries.


One of the random act I do is giving a ride to people who need a lift. Sometimes, they are obvious tourists , carrying backpacks  on their back. Sometimes, they are the elderly who were walking  slowly under the hot sun on the road. The elderly are always my favorite because I know how much it is hard for them to walk especially with their aging knees with arthritis. One time, I picked up two old ladies and they looked so frail and exhausted. They asked me to stop them at the nearby park, but later they changed their mind and asked me whether I could drive them to a town which is 50 km from my place. I had to decline politely with heavy heart. But they were really sweet and profusely thanked me when they got out of my car.


One time, I was driving back from my hospital on the highway. My hospital is 50 km from my house and it is really tiring to drive 100 km per day, although I am getting used to it after two years. I saw a couple standing beside the highway and waving towards the passing cars . No one stopped for them. Usually, I pick up tourists and the elderly and I was not sure whether I should stopped my car for them at that time. However, for unknown reason, I convinced myself to give a helping hand. The man looked belligerent and rough. He was tall and thin, wearing the stained pants and the short sleeved shirts. I could see the shirt was torn here and there. He walked towards the car in long strides and his hand was inside his pocket. I could guess there was something inside the pocket as it was full , but couldn’t figure out what would be it. The lady who was assumed to be his wife followed him slowly behind and she looked weary and tired. The man bent down and looked inside the car and asked me whether I could drop them at the bus station. I said ” Ok” and that time, I was a bit worried, but it was too late to refuse and their destination was close to my house. He asked the lady to sit in front beside me. To tell the truth, I had a vision that what would I do if he took out knife from his pocket and asked me to go somewhere else. I couldn’t be able to do anything as the lady might restrain me.


The lady was thin and she had weather beaten skin and freckles. She told me ”
I have been waiting for two hours on this road for the bus. Unfortunately, today, buses didn’t come. I am pregnant and very tired because of the heat”, rubbing her small belly. Then only, I noticed she was pregnant. The feeling of tenderness crept inside me and I felt sincerely sorry for her. Imagine if they had to walk, it must be at least another 15 km to walk. They didn’t utter anything on the way and although their destination was after my house, I decided to send them until the bus station where they wanted to go. They were surprised for my offer, but gladly accepted it. I dropped them just in front of bus station and they were smiling . The lady said ” thank you ” softly and when I drove off, they were still standing there waving at me . I felt very happy on that day.


Yesterday, I was driving back and saw a man , holding the motorbike helmet in his hand. He was in his late 30 and looked neat and tidy. I stopped the car and he hurriedly got inside my car. I asked him ” where do you want to go?” and he told me a place which I was not familiar with . However, I told him to remind me once he arrived his destination as he assured me it was just on the same road ahead. Then he questioned me many questions continuously. He asked me ” where are you from?”. ” how many  years have you bee here ?”. He said he noticed I am not local as I can’t speak Malay with local accent. He then told me the reason he is going to the place is because he wants to see the doctor for his eyes. He then poked me at my arm and told me ” please look at my eyes now as you are the doctor” while I was trying to focus on my road. I was quite annoyed. I told him I couldn’t look at his eyes as I was driving. He then carried on his conversation and said ” do you know that I am still single?”. I didn’t pay attention although quite irritated with his self claimed statement.


Then he told me ” Are you living with your husband here ?” . I thought of saying ” yes’ just to avoid further question . But instead, my anger overtook my senses and told him ” can you please stop asking me many questions? I don’t like answering. He became quiet for a while. I was worried what would he do next. But he told me I should send him to his destination although it was not on my way. I told him I should drop him on the high way as I needed to turn right and his destination was on the same road further. Then he tried to persuade me like ” why can’t you drive further for only 2 km ? Then you need to turn in the small lane on your left.”. At that point, I am already at my maximum level of tolerance. I told him ” No, I can’t send, I am late for my own appointment” I was also worried he would ask me to drive him to remote, isolated area and do something to me. It is because the area he asked  is isolated and not many people live there.  As he realized he couldn’t push me anymore, he allowed me to drop him on the high way.


It was an emotional roller coaster for me as I felt frightened and worried for 40 minutes when he was inside my car. My maid scolded me that I shouldn’t be a busy body and I shouldn’t try to help unknown people. I told my friend about the event with the introduction ” dear, I am going to tell you what happened to me yesterday. But you can’t scold me ” and she said she would not scold me. But at the end of the story, she got angry and told me ” hey, now I feel like scolding you “. hehehe


I know it’s my mistake. May be giving a lift will not be concluded in my random act of kindness anymore because I need to be kind to myself first.


'You are now entering Samville. Samville needs a ride.'
‘You are now entering Samville. Samville needs a ride.’

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