Berkelah waterfall

Stitched Panorama
the upper tier Berkelah waterfall which we didn’t arrive. Cheaters!

Lately, I became easily irritated. .Even though I have nothing much to worry,  I became grumpy because of routine and monotonous life. I was really yearning to travel more. So when my friend Hana asked me to go for trekking  at Berkalah waterfall, I agreed for it immediately.

We woke up at 6 am and my friend Gowri came and pick me up. Although I am not a morning person, I was all ready to give it a go. We went to Berkalah waterall in Pahang state, Malaysia. The waterfall is 30 km from my town, Kuantan and it was on the way to Kuala Lumpur before Maran.

The beginning of the journey

We arrived at the bank of the river and had to stop the car and started trekking. It was not very hot as its still early, we could hear the birds chirping and the bubbles of the river, The water was crystal clear and it was very soothing .

1461640_10153183434850266_7348053940645554620_n (1)
crystal clear water
Gowri and Hana carrying food, That’s not all. I was carrying two baskets of food as well. 🙂

When we crossed the water, we were quite surprised that it reached up to our waist. We were  clumsy holding all the baskets and backpacks which are all loaded with food and drink. Hana plan was to cook something near the waterfall and enjoy the food with nature. ( Grand idea indeed 🙂 ). At first the road was concrete and we arrived at the camping place with benches and shades. We stopped on the bridge and had some fruits as we know the trekking can be quite tiring. The insects started to buzz around us annoyingly and luckily I had brought the insect repellent.

The camping site, but it’s far away from waterfall.
The photo at the bridge


After that camping spot, the lane becomes very rocky, there are lots of stones and boulders. The lane is narrow and quite difficult to walk with two baskets in hand. When we needed to climb the boulders, we helped out each other.It’s so funny that I am superstitious about calling out names in forest. According to my ancestors, you are not supposed to call out someone’s name in the jungle as the spirits can charm you and make you lose your way. And according to Malay tradition, we are not supposed to ask ” what is this ?” and ” what is that?” whenever we hear unusual sounds. We are supposed to ask only when we arrive back home. For that reason, we call each other the names of the place we live rather than our real name during trekking.

Narrow and rocky lane
Bamboos are bending forward as if forming the arch to protect us from heat

There are thick grasses and shrubs scratching my feet along the way and I was quite regretful for not wearing long pants. Apart from that, ants voraciously bit me as they think I am a giant encroaching on their territory. Luckily I didn’t’ see any leeches or snakes there.

Because of continuous holiday, the place was crowded with a lot of holiday goers and campers. We decided to cook on the huge boulder and set up our stove and groceries. Hana cooked very delicious tom yam soup and it was really yum yum. There is mee hon, fresh vegetables with tom yam paste. We were quite hungry because of 30 minutes plus trekking.

ymmy vegetable soup


What an adventure to climb the boulder , being a person with height phobia
having rest after a long trekking

After we had lunch, I tried to climb the waterfall and sat at the summit and looked at bird eye view. There were some chaps singing and playing the guitar. There  are lots of butterflies which quickly took off as soon as I tried to take photos of them.It’s not that difficult to climb to the tip of the waterfall, but going down was quite challenging.

I swam in this icy cold water
rock climbing to get bird eye view
View from above . It’s quite peaceful to sit there


In fact, the waterfall has seven tiers and if we can go further , we might see turquoise color crystal clear water in  Olympic size pool with  2 hours more trekking. But Gowri had to go somewhere and we don’t have much time. I tried to get the best out of it  by dipping whole body into icy cold water. I looked at the clear sky and said ” Thank you” as usual when Gowri was meditating and Hana was having a rest.

The deep feeling of serenity crept in and I felt like I wanted to stay there more. I wonder what the night would bring us if we sleep there inside our tent. I was not thinking anything about work, no drama and  there was only complete peace.


I hope to go there again next time to see other waterfalls deep inside jungle.